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Our benefactors

We would like to thank our benefactors for their work and their material gifts which contributed to our museum and its surroundings.

Pavel Bezděkovský
– Čenkov – Digging and ground works, terrain adaptation in front of the museum.
Zahradnictví Petr Chalačev – Žatec – Orchard planting and adaptation in front of the museum.
Tomáš Vašek – Třešť –  Timber for reconstruction of the museum platforms supplies and repairs of the wooden structures of the depository.
Truhlářství Josef Hošek - Stajiště – Professional carpentry work, reconstruction and creation of replicas of damaged parts of a contemporary phone box.
Klempířství Martin Leitgeb – Třešť – repairs of plumbing components, supplies and materials for the repair and reconstruction of the roofs.
Rojka s.r.o. – Jihlava – Supplies of components for the camera and security system.
Třešťsko.net – Třešť - Installation of CCTV and security systems, providing of Internet services and the operation of the web and mail servers.

Contributions to the enhancement and expansion of the exposition, depositary and to operation of Museum Tesla

In the first half of 2003 our whole collection, above all the collection of the transmitters in transmitting centre in Podebrady, got at the risk due to renting the entire building to a Golf Club. In order to save not only our collection but also a lot of often unique transmitters, Historical Czechoslovakian Radio-club had to purchase its own building. Nowadays, Historical Czechoslovakian Radio-club owns two buildings of former granaries in Trest near Jihlava. The first of these buildings was gradually restored and in one part of it the public exposition "Tesla, the Heritage of CZ Electric Industry" was established, while the other parts were used for establishing the depositary, a cinema and the archive. But purchasing the second building did not mean the end of all worries; the future depositary needs a reconstruction. Also taking care of the collection and extending the exposition of the Czechoslovakian radio technology need further funds and so all the contributions for this purpose are always welcomed. Each coin of your contribution can help us move closer to our goal, which is to build the unique collection of the things that now due to their size and relative modernity do not finish in the private collections but in the vast majority behind the gates of scrap-yards. We believe that the purpose of our activity should not be just an enrichment of the private collections but rather a rescue of often unique appliances, which can reveal much more about history of our beautiful filed of interest than any shiniest receiver can do. However, it still holds true that every contribution is only an eminently voluntary issue. Thus, the amount of your contribution depends entirely on your desire to support our initiative. Even a few coins can help us to get closer to the final realisation of this very meaningful project. Of course, the material gifts will help us too. You can send your financial contributions for our activities and the extension of Museum Tesla to the account of the founder of the museum: Historical Czechoslovakian Radio-club. The account is led by Fio Bank in Jihlava.

IBAN: CZ8220100000002800387740
Use always this number as a variable symbol: 222000000

(Instead of three zeros at the last positions HRCS members will state their membership number as their identification)
We would also like to ask you for giving information about your payment to a Club cashier Pavel Vejdelek and for telling him your name and surname so that those can be published at this site in the List of Contributors. If you do not want the information about your contribution to be published, please inform our Club cashier about it too by email. In a case of a failure to identify the donator, we reserve the right to disclose the account number and the sent amount.

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