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Sections of the museum

The collections of the museum are quite extensive so it is impossible for one man to take care of them alone. Therefore we followed the example of the similar museums and the whole collection was divided into the particular sections. A competent manager – a curator was appointed to each section, he supervises its operation, decides about retaining or discarding the items of a collection, about their acquiring, lending, exhibiting and restoring. If you would like to obtain any information about specific exhibits, or if you are interested in borrowing some exhibits for a perspective exhibition, you can contact the individual managers of sections and manage the details. If you have any device or items you would like to donate into our collection, you can also contact the relevant section manager and arrange the conditions of a takeover and other essential requirements with him.


List of the section managers and contacts


Radio receivers

• table radio recievers
• portable radio recievers
• car radios
• combinations of a radio reciever with a record player, tape recorder
(if a tape recorder complements the radio reciever)
• communication receivers
• accessories
• other things

Local and factory radio

Wire broadcasting

• wire broadcasting exchange
• wire broadcasting directorial workplace
• wire broadcasting speakers
• measuring and testing equipment
• accessories
• other things

Signalling systems

• electric fire alarms (EPS)
• electrical security systems (EZS)
• traffic signaling devices
• accessories
• other things

Phone technology

• telephones
• telex and telegraph apparatus
• telephone and telex exchanges
• supporting telephony equipment
• home phones
• testing equipment
• accessories
• other things
Pavel Vejdelek

Pavel Vejdělek

Automation technology

Computer technology

• 8-bit micro computers
• personal computers
• mainframes and their components
• analog computers
• calculators
• printers and plotters
• unit recording media and recording media
• accessories
• other things
Mirek Kucera

Mirek Kučera

Television receivers

• table black and white TV sets
• table color TV sets
• portable black and white TV sets
• portable color TV sets
• combinations of a TV set and a radio recevier etc.
• video recording for home use
• accessories
• other things
Martin Stránský martin.stransky@muzeumtesla.cz Stránský 

Low-frequency technology

• amplifiers
• record players
• tape recorders
(also combinations with the radio receiver as a part of a recorder)
• digital and optical sound recorders
• microphones, loud-speakers, headphones
• effect devices
• accessories
• other things
Vaclav Cervinka

Vácalv Červinka


• radio and TV transmitters
• base and mobile radio stations
• special transmitters
• accessories
• other things

Studio radio equipment

• studio radio equipment
• sound recording
• accessories
• other things


• books
• magazines
• user's manuals
• service documentation
• promotional materials
• audio-visual media
• other things
Pavel Boudny

Pavel Boudný

Studio TV equipment

• studio TV equipment
• portable devices
• video recording
• closed-circuit television
• accessories
• other things

History of radio amateurs

• transmitting and receiving devices and industrially produced accessories
• transmitting and receiving devices of a home production
• other amateur constructions
• demo tools and kits
• equipment for radio amateur sports (MVT, ROB)
• station diaries, diplomas, QSL tickets
• accessories
• other things

Military and other professional connecting technology

• radio systems of communication (transmitters, receivers, transceivers, sets)
• wire radio systems of communication (field telephone exchanges, switchboards)
• auxiliary devices and accessories (gauges, power and recharging equipment, antennas, etc.)
• special equipment (radars, navigation, on-board devices ...)
• accessories
• other things
Vladimir Bradac

Vladimír Bradáč

Measuring devices

• measuring of electric variables
• measuring of non-electric variables
• normals of electric variables
• accessories
• other things

Medical devices

• medical devices
• accessories
• other things

Lighting technology

Lukas Petrik

lukas.petrik@muzeumtesla.cz Petrik

Vacuum technology

• electron tubes
• other vacuum elements
• accessories
• other things
Jiří Hájek jiri.hajek@hrcs.cz  Hajek

Movie technology

• movie projectors
• addition of sound to movies
• movie laboratories
• movie cameras
Jan Mottl


Parts and components

Viktor Vích viktor.vich@muzeumtesla.cz  Viktor Vích

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