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About museum

Museum Tesla is a non-state, non-profit exposition established by Historical Czechoslovakian Radio-club seated in Trest. Museum Tesla has been developing gradually since 1995 and according to our sources at the present day it has the biggest collection of the similarly aimed exhibits in Europe.

The museum building seen from the rails The museum building The museum building The museum building The museum building seen from the rails

Important milestones of our history

In 1985 our radio-club started the campaign named "Tesla Czechoslovakia Foundation", in which within rescuing the existentially threated technical attractions the task of creating a museum of Czechoslovakian radio industry was given. Collection items were gathered and stored in various parts of the republic. The major part was placed in the historical building of the transmitting centre in Podebrady, where a public exhibition was supposed to come into existence. However, in 2002 the radio-club was forced to leave these premises and in a very short time to find the new suitable ones for storing the entire collection under one roof.

Our building in Podebrady Original state of the museum building Original state of the museum building - a look from the rails Moving Repair of the facade

In May 2003 the building of former granary in Trest near Jihlava was successfully bought into the property of our radio-club. Later, this building became the main and official residence of the radio-club. After 10 years of reconstructions and adaptations, which are still far from over, in August 2012 the first public exhibition named "Tesla, the Heritage of CZ Electric Industry" was ceremonially opened in the building, with the significant help of MAS Trestsko and successfully obtained grant of the EU Foundations. In 2013 the reconstruction and adaptation of the building is still being in progress and other two permanent expositions "Heavy Radio Technology" (placed on the ground floor of the building) and "Amateur Radio-operators and Handymen" (placed on the highest floor) are gradually coming into existence. Hopefully, the both expositions will be ceremonially opened in 2015.

New facade New facade seen from the rails Building of the exhibition Building of the exhibition Building of the exhibition
Building of the exhibition Building of the exhibition Amateur radio-operators Amateur radio-operators Heavy Radio Technology

In 2014 with regard to the continually growing collections and the critical shortage of storage space, the radio-club decided to purchase on its own costs another building of the former granary, whose location is not far from the existing exhibition area. That state of that building is very similar to the state which the existing exhibition area used to be in at the moment of purchasing. Another reconstruction and a lot of adaptations will be needed again for that building to be used as a depositary of the collection items. The building is not going to be accessible for public, only at the special occasions the visitors will be allowed to look behind the closed door of the sections' administrators and to see the treasures, which are not normally exhibited.

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